Trinity River’s October 2014 AKC Licensed Trial Results

We had our October 2014 AKC Licensed SPO field trial on the 18th and 19th.  The weather was warm but we were grateful that our guests didn’t have an ice storm to deal with like we saw at our trial this past February.   We were glad and thankful to have participants from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and from several regions of Texas.  Also, in addition to Trinity River, the following clubs were represented:  Sooner, Mid-Ark, Ark-La-Miss, Central Arkansas, South Texas, Lavaca, and Hardin County.

I want to give a special thanks to our judges.  All except one drove at least 5 hours to get here and they did a great job of letting them settle in and giving the hounds a good look.  We only had one cancellation this weekend which was a big relief for us.

Congratulations to all who won and placed and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.



Our ladies were gracious enough to serve lunch for us once again, but only after we promised “no ice or snow.”

And in accordance with our tradition Saturday evening we met at Bono’s Chophouse and Saloon between Decatur and Alvord at 6:00 pm for libations, food and fellowship.

On Sunday we were blessed with a cool breeze and solid cloud cover that didn’t lift until the field trial was done.  That made for better running conditions and both male winner’s packs ran very well!  The results are shown below:

13″ Females – 16 entries

Short one minute video at the end of the winner’s pack race after a good race where they made the bunnies scoot and stayed on them.  This was the last rabbit after gathering them up from a split with two sighted lines.

 1st Place:  Ram’s Oopsy Daisy ; Owner: Ronnie Marsh


I regret that I didn’t get a better isolated picture of the 13″ female winner but this gyp is pretty enough to make up for a bad photographer. 🙂  This is her 3rd win and Ronnie says she needs less than 10 points to finish.

 Placing Hounds


Judges: Steve Smith and Bobby Fisher (not pictured)

1st Place: Ram’s Oopsy Daisy; Owner: Ronnie Marsh

2nd Place: Quapaw Creek CT Rose; Owner: Tim McGlothin

3rd Place: Wildwinds Shy Ann;  Owner: James McDaniel

4th Place: Carter’s White Sox; Owner: Michael Carter

NBQ:  Griswold’s Dixie; Owner: Bobby Griswold

15″ Females – 8 entries

Short video of the 15″ females late in the run. The judges gave them a real good look for about 2 hours.  This is only about 1 minute of it.  The running was good early and got a little tougher as the conditions changed with the sun beating down and drying up any dew on the vegetation.

1st Place: TJ’s Hardwood Singing Sophie   Owner: Johnny Britt


Placing 15″ Females


Judges: Cody Fisher on left & Jacob Belding on right.

1st Place: TJ’s Hardwood Singing Sophie ; Owner: Johnnie Britt

2nd Place: Indian Creek Billie Jean ; Owner: Jonathan McConnell

3rd Place: Hi-Lonesome Tear Drop II; Owner: Jonathan McConnell (posed by Brad Pittman)

4th Place: QuaPaw Creek CT’s Little Macy; Owner: Tim McGlophin

NGQ: Hirschy’s Amazing Mandy; Owner: Eric Hirschy

13″ Males – 11 entries

Video from the first pack of first series curtsey of Chuck Kerley aka Linewalker.

1st Place:  Davis In-Line Q;   Owner: Raymond Rhyne

P.S.  This was Raymond’s first field trial.  I think he is hooked.  🙂


The placing 13″ Males


Judges: Cody Fisher on the left and Jonathan McConnell on the right.

1st Place: Davis In-Line Q; Raymond Rhyne

2nd Place: KD’s Sureshot Andy ; Kevin Davis

3rd Place: Griswold’s Jimbo; Bobby Griswold

4th Place: Persimmon Hill Rooster; Jerry Cook

NBQ: Yard Stick’s Radiator Hose;  Kevin Davis

15′ males – 18 entries

1st Place:  TJ’s Hardwood Blue VooDoo – Owner: Terry Jones


15″ Placing hounds


Judges: Billy Foster & Johnny Driver (not pictured)

1st Place: TJ’s Hardwood Blue VooDoo; Owner Terry Jones

2nd Place: TJ’s Hardwood Hacksaw; Owner Terry Jones (posed by Johnny Britt)

3rd Place: Eagle Creek Okie Country Doc; Owner JoDan Shelton (This was JoDan’s first field trial)

4th Place: M-R Beagle Sarge; Owner Terry Jones (posed by Tim McGlophin)

NBQ: Cruise On Pretty Ricky; Owner Jonathan McConnell

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